Our Strategy is based on how Wyckoff views the market, in our opinion this is the best way of reading and analysing the market. Wyckoff’s break down of the market holds true to any trading style.

Wyckoff’s Law: Supply and Demand |Cause and Effect |Effort and Result

The Wyckoff method reflected Wyckoff’s repertoire of trading and investment philosophies that supported the economic tenets of supply and demand were reflected in the movement behaviours of price and volume; which in turn, could be used to project future movements. The price movements were regarded as significant based upon daily, weekly, monthly and annual comparisons. The 3 Laws of the Wyckoff Method consist of (1) the Law of Supply and Demand; (2) the Law of Effort versus Results; and (3) the Law of Cause and Effect, and are summarized below.

Market behaviour was expected to fluctuate according to basic patterns that continuously became modified. Based upon the Law of Supply and Demand, scarcity increases the price and supply will increase to meet demand. The Law of Effort versus Results and the Law of Cause and Effect support that the fluctuations in the market price action are proportional, as in each action produces an equal or proportionate reaction. In combination, the Law of Supply and Demand and the Law of Effort versus Result produce powerful revelations of the modern bull market.

RTO1.0 & RTO2.0

With RTO1.0 & RTO2.0 We have been able to simplify all this Laws and zero in on the most effective and salient points Wyckoff observed and stated. They have been nicely summarised in RTO1.0 and RTO2.0.


RTO1.0 Is our foundation setup which focuses on Daily and H1 as our main reference points.  With RTO1.0 you are able to generate 1 or 2 Trade-able setup every week.

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RTO2.0, Is our advanced strategy which builds on the knowledge of RTO1.0. It further simplifies Wyckoff’s trading rules to a mechanical, rule based and repeatable trading setup. With RTO2.0 you are guaranteed to get one trading set up per day. The power of RTO2.0 lies in its ability to help you get into trades at premium price levels, simplicity ad High ROI.

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RTO2.0 is the advance and upgraded version of our strategy, it provided you with daily executable, reputable setups with low risk and high rewards.

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-One on one webinar (recorded and sent to you for future studies)
-My Reference points (Times and Levels)
-Entry types and methodology
-Wake Up and trade Setups
-Cause and Effect
-Access to some simple tools
-You will also get Access to the RTO2.0 Private group (Telegram)

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I understood the basics of how the market worked and technical analysis but I had no idea how to make money with it. Then I came across Tokes and his RTO2 system. RTO2 is a “smart trading system” it self-detects trends and also changes in trend. It is adaptive and have risk management built in, both stops and targets. Markets range 80% of the time which is more than they trend. It’s the best reversal strategy, I’ve personally ever encountered.

The additional support Tokes provides is exemplary. Tokes is ever available to provide guidance and helpful.